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Hotel Facts/History

Hotel Facts/History

Towering over the iconic Queen Street Mall, Hilton Brisbane is the city’s most iconic hotel with a rich history and brand presence spanning 28 years, and is the only hotel in Brisbane to remain branded as Hilton. Hilton Brisbane is built upon a history of delivering excellence in hospitality including, engaging service and outstanding facilities.

Unique as the only hotel to have been designed by one of the founders of modernist design in Australia, Harry Seidler, Hilton Brisbane expresses a harmony of form, function and technology. Designed for celebrating and working in Queensland’s abundant sunshine, the interior is opened up into a soaring atrium – Australia’s largest – creating an unmatched spaciousness alive with possibility.

Overt ornamentation is discarded for a clean elegance that channels the energy and enthusiasm of our friendly city, embodying Brisbane’s unpretentious charm and forward-looking modernity.

Hilton Brisbane is for anyone who wishes to experience a style and luxury that is purpose-made for your pleasure, waiting for your touch in an atmosphere more open and inviting than ever. Here, every form and detail is shaped by the need for a luxury that is open and accessible, inspiring creativity and nourishing the soul, a beautiful space to be, hiding nothing, simply waiting for your entrance.

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